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Skipping Rope | Adjustable Steel Speed Rope

Skipping Rope | Adjustable Steel Speed Rope

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Skipping Rope | Adjustable Steel Speed Rope

Product Description

This 3m adjustable speed skipping rope is the perfect jump rope for beginners and those who are more advanced skipper's. Adjust the rope to your required hight, snip the ends off and away you go.

For your ideal length put the rope under your feet and bring both handle upward together. Adjust the handles (loosen little screw and slide handles down rope) until end of handles are at chest height. Snip the excess rope of and push end caps back on.

Skipping is one of the best exercises you can get into to loose body fat and condition your whole body quickly. Skipping is a medium impact and not nearly as hard on the body as running.

See below vid from Zen Dude Nation dude... funny guys but really know how to use a jump rope.

Item Specifics

  • 3m length
  • Steel wire with hard plastic coating

 Note: limited stock item

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