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At we're passionate about Lifestyle, Fitness and Outdoors. We do our best to select products that we think are great value and good quality.  Most of our products now are dropshipped direct from suppliers. We like to be upfront about this. We originally started with loads of product on the ground in NZ but realised that required warehousing and a lot of product sitting around for too long and even some that never sold. Needless to say if we wanted to stay in business we had to make changes and shift to stock on demand ordering. This seems to be working fine, however there is the delayed shipping times so we looked at adjusting pricing downward as a trade off.

We hope you will like our site and selection of product and look forward to your custom. You can be sure that if there are any problems with yoru order or proiduct that you recieve, we'll fix it fast, no questions asked. WE like to put service back into customer service!

All the best and many thanks in advance.



Fitness Equipment:

In order to enjoy life we think its better if you are fitter. Being fit has many benefits including faster recovery, more energy, mentally alert, stamina, sweeter rest. Life just seems to work better if you are fit and healthy.

Outdoor Lifestyle:

New Zealand is all about the mix between outdoor lifestyle in indoor comfort. We are outside a lot of the time so this category is finding its way to provide those things we need to enjoy our everyday lifestyle and outdoor activities.

We hope that you will come back often and share our site with others.

Our focus is Quality Products at Affordable Pricing Backed With Outstanding Customer Service and our personal guarantee. If any product you buy does not live up to your expectations well refund you the purchase price 💯%.


We are an Auckland based company and have a mix of stock in our Auckland Warehouse and stock that is shipped direct from our suppliers.

Please check all shipping details before ordering. 

For product with delayed shipping we carry the risk and back that up to you with our 90x day💯% guarantee. We have strict supplier criteria and try to choose only those suppliers that have great product and service at reasonable pricing.

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